Recess: The Best Hole in the Wall Bar in Corpus Christi


If you’ve been in a classic hole in the wall bar, more often than not, your stay might haven’t left a remarkable impression to you. The smallness, dingy and raggedy feature of this kind of a place including the signature non-flushing toilets, ceiling fans, and the limited bartenders, don’t encourage even a slight excitement, leaving you nothing to expect at all. In this type of bar set-up, it is really a challenge to appeal to customers considering the huge competition of this business and almost all establishments are on the same level playing field. Fortunately, few exist that stands out and gain patronage. A great example is the Recess Bar. Aside from being a lively watering hole serving burgers and beer in a relaxed setting with pool and sports on TV, Recess Bar Corpus Christi enjoys the influx of regulars because of two principles, and they make sure to see these through as the core of the whole operation.

Be a Home of Something

The longevity of a bar says a lot about the food and drinks it offers. What makes customers keep coming back must be the specialty of the house. As for Recess Bar & Grill, this place is the home of the best chicken sandwich —the super moist with an awesome bun cheap snack everyone is willing to wait in a long queue just to have a bite of. Recess Bar also champions “bomb” menus —best burgers, hand-cut fries and Jalapeño poppers— which are sure to die for. In addition, this bar wouldn’t be different if without a great selection of mixed drinks and liquor. With happy hours from 4 to 8 throughout the week, you can delight in their affordable cold beers and strong alcohol and shots in half-price of your bill. Consequently, this place is frequented by a younger crowd especially college kids, people of 20’s rockability, bikers and affliction t-shirt wearers; and together with the music, they create a loud atmosphere suitable for a lively nightlife. With this, it might sound an unruly place to go but as the night goes on, Recess Bar Corpus Christi just literally becomes even more appealing and enjoyable.

Have Top-notch Sports Bar Amenities

Being a cheap bar doesn’t mean everything else around should be cheap. People get thrilled when they see rare and luxurious things in a peculiar place. For Recess Bar, shouldering the extra cost of an arcade basketball game and a Golden Tee Golf is inconsiderable as long as it helps bring outstanding service and offers customers extra entertainment. Recess Bar & Grill is also jam-packed with pool tables, darts and occasional live music acts, and on Thursday nights the stage is set for karaoke addicts who really love the sound of their own voice. Furthermore, the prompt and friendly staff make sure you never get an empty glass while seating in their chic and modern bar stools. With these little amenities, Recess Bar Corpus Christi is able to serve well walk-ins, groups, and dainty road trippers.

For an impromptu road trip night out, there’s nothing more exciting than going to an unpretentious out-of-the-way bar that serves awesome deals you wouldn’t possibly think of getting from that place. That is to say, a perfect go-to hangout whenever you need to kick back and relax with some of your best buddies. And as a piece of advice, the next time you come across a little watering hole, you had better look something exceptional like as in Recess Bar Corpus Christi.

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