Cassidy’s Irish Pub: The Best Place to Enjoy Authentic Irish Pub in Corpus Christi


The growth of bar and nightclub businesses in downtown Corpus Christi makes the entire city bustle with lights and life. Different ideas and concepts are being employed by many establishments to win over local customers and tourists alike. One of these is the idea of bringing an Irish pub ambiance to their place. Cassidy’s Irish Pub, the leading source for people who enjoy beer and ales, which are pulled out of the tap in the proper way with a white foamy top, has the closest setting to being an Irish pub. With their wide offerings ranging from whiskeys, beer, wines and cordials, and the homely feeling set by live music, it’s no wonder Cassidy’s Irish Pub Corpus Christi has been the local hangout for everyone.

How to Take Advantage of Cassidy’s Irish Pub

Cassidy’s Irish Pub Corpus Christi TX is just an awesome place to hang out and have some brews. You can experience lively nights and dancing from older dudes that know how to rock and party, or participate in trivia night every Wednesday’s Geeks Who Drink event. When you come to Cassidy’s Irish Pub Corpus Christi, make sure you wear usual business casual attire and better leave formal wear on the hanger as this place is not too strict and not a cocktail party. Rather, it is an intimate setting to chat with friends or take a date, or more likely have a family gathering stay. Cassidy’s Bar is a small yet cozy space, laden with an awesome decor of dark wooden walls, and brass fixture, suitable enough to say this is the real deal. This place is frequented by people of ages 20s to 50s where everyone seems to know each other like it is their local place. This can only mean Cassidy’s Pub knows how to appeal to people of varied tastes and interests. The house serves plenty of choices: cognacs, brandy, cordials for those who love especially fragrant and delicate spirits and 8-9 selections of wine for those who prefer sweet and less alcoholic beverages. But as an Irish pub, people would visit here to experience real Irish beer and whiskeys on tap. You will never go wrong with their infamous Guinness, Harp and shot of Jameson and a couple of IPA/DIPA beers. Furthermore, befriend the bartenders for special preparation of an Irish coffee and explosive Irish car bomb.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Cassidy’s Irish Pub Corpus Christi

Only a month left the annual St. Paddy’s Festival will kick in again and fill the street green with parades of bagpipers, dancers, and local artists. And it wouldn’t be special without Cassidy’s Irish Pub Corpus Christi TX relentless support in bringing fun in this yearly event. This coming March 16th, it will feature the stout Irish rock band, the Blaggards. The street will surely be flooded of Cassidy’s Bar bottled beer, draught beer, and miller lite for younger folks. So better mark your calendar and side with the right authority for an unforgettable party.

This place although does not sell regular heavy dinner meals, there are surely many ways to spend the night here in Cassidy’s Pub. There’s also the classic pool table and TV for the conventional people. Happy hour is extended all day so there’s no reason to hesitate to try their affordable drinks that provide a good buzz. And if you’ve had enough, the place has a nice patio outside the pub, which would be a good place to sit and watch the hustle of downtown Corpus Christi, and a hotel above if you’re too bibulous to stand upright. If you happen to be in this touristy area, and you’re looking for a quaint ambiance of an old Irish pub, Cassidy’s Irish Pub is undoubtedly the closest thing you can get.

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