Jerzees Sports Bar: Discover the Hottest Sports Bar in Corpus Christi


Jerzees Sports Bar is one of the few outstanding bars in Corpus Christi. Nowadays, the majority of sports bars only resembles a pure techno bar, focusing on banging electronic music and hypnotic dancing lights, but Jerzees Bar resisted the trends and remained to a superb choice for an ideal sports bar. The prominent features of Jerzees Corpus Christi TX are the feel at home setting, enjoyable game viewing party together with other fans cheering for their teams and for a little more zing, the bar has the best cocktails and beer choices in the area. Furthermore, Jerzees Corpus Christi has plenty of bar games to play with that there’s never a dull moment in the house.

Make the Most Out of Jerzees Sports Bar

For many customers, the greatness of a nightclub or bar depends whether it gave them unarguably excellent experience, the moment they enter the bar until they are ready to leave because they’ve had their fill for the night or they’ve chugged down enough alcohol to lose a sense of direction. When you visit Jerzees Corpus Christi TX, you will be welcomed by the coolest door guy you could ever meet, a good sign that this local bar may have promising services in store. Being a sports bar, Jerzees Pub interior displayed different sports and teams memorabilia, engaging instant visual interest to customers that walk in. The room is also filled with chairs that have an unobstructed view of televisions, designed perfectly to improve viewing experience in the house. The happy hour runs from 4pm to 2am throughout the week where you can expect great and budget-friendly deals from Jerzees Bar and Grill amazing 300 selection of beverages, from on tap, bottled to canned, which are updated regularly. That being said, you can get domestic and fireball beer for as low as $2, but if you have enough budget for the night then try their $10 Jose shot shotskis. This local bar is a very busy place but still, you can get the service you deserve.

Other amenities present in Jerzees Pub is the sought-after TouchTunes photobooth. It inspires patrons to just be spontaneous and seize the fun in images they can share with friends. This interactive free booth transforms into a jukebox, which allows karaoke-loving person with singing prowess to show off their voice. Consequently, this has become one of the reasons why many prefer this place to celebrate different occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Anticipate Every Special Game Fight Event

If you love boxing, MMA, and other intense game, this place is definitely for you. Jerzees Corpus Christi is the best authority when it comes to contact fight games. With its crisp large-screen high-definition TVs, every customer can experience something close to attending live sports events. Sports enthusiasts can immerse in Jerzees Bar more than 30 monitors and top-quality sound system inside. After each fight, the DJ in the mix is ready to bring up the mood especially if your favorite team lost. Occasionally, you can listen to live acoustic Texas country sessions too.

In terms of the food available, do not look for a fine-dining course. But for those who value money, you can never go wrong with Jerzees Bar and Grill choices of American favorites: hamburgers, fries, and pizza. With their generous size serving and the food prepared with top-quality ingredients, you can enjoy the night spending less than you expect. Better check their calendar for live music and special events.

A patron usually spends as many as four hours at a sports bar. To satisfy their needs the place must offer good choices of bar food, beverages, and entertainment. In response to that, Jerzees Sports Bar makes sure the place overflows with game equipment and beverage deals that will make them stay longer and interact with each other —a good strategy to get more regulars and word-of-mouth publicity.

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