The Park Sports & Spirits: The Top-rated Sports Bar in Corpus Christi


When it comes to size, The Park Sports Bar is undisputedly one of the massive sports bars in Corpus Christi. It is also the ultimate choice by locals and tourists alike to watch a big game or enjoy some amazing bar games. And with its largest collection of beverages and spirits in all the city, The Park Bar can cater to different types of drinkers, from casual to heavy one, at a satisfactory level. That being said, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi has been the word of mouth of people who want a hassle-free night of fun.

Explore the game room during half-time

The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi TX is a large building with separate venues for every customer’s needs. In the middle of the main seating area, there is an awesome circular projection screen that features games to any view across the bar that it wouldn’t be possible to miss any actions and climax throughout the play. There are also lots of TVs set-up along the walls that show your favorite sports: UFC, Boxing, NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf and NASCAR. And if you need to step away during half-time, there’s the game room to run to. Delight in their plenty of pool tables, dart boards and an internal jukebox for singers wannabe. For smokers, there’s a designated area to do their thing without bothering other customers. As a real laid back and chill hangout, The Park Bar maintains its reputation as the cleanest local sports bar, which is ideal specifically for women, and as having great customer service.

Order any drink you can think of

If you’re looking for a well-stocked bar, look no further! The Park Sports Bar boasts its 21 beers on tap including domestic import and seasonal. Enjoy cheap drinks and long happy hour deals. Take advantage of their daily drink specials, $2.50 Fireball and $3 Wells all day all week. They also give away affordable domestic and imported drinks such as Tito’s, Deep Eddy Flavors, Jack Daniel’s, Crown Royal, Blue Hawaiians, and Dos XX Bottles. For those who want to try as many liquors as possible, better visit every Wednesday for the prices of pints go down to $2.25 all day. Don’t forget to try spirits too as this place is truly a cocktail bar. You can never go wrong with their infamous frozen margaritas and daiquiris. More often than not, people may get hungry when drinking and to make up for that, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi serves delectable pizza and wings. But patrons are allowed to bring in any food they like. However, that seems unnecessary now as the bar has started serving real food items.

Location wise, The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi TX has all the pros. Being near to many hotels and lodging rooms, you need not worry if you’ve drunk too much. And if you’re planning to celebrate somebody’s birthday, project success or promotion, The Park Bar has all the local vibe to make it more special. With great music inside and DJ around for additional entertainment, you will never have a boring night out here.

There’s no better way to end the night than going to a bar that simply serves delicious, affordable cocktails and beverages with excellent service that guests return to week after week. Very befitting with The Park Sports Bar tagline “Drink, Eat and Watch Together”. The Park Sports Bar Corpus Christi, with no cover charge policy, is your surest way to have a nightlife to remember for a lifetime.


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