Infinite Bar: The Best Place to Start Bar Hopping in Corpus Christi


Bar hopping, or also known as pub crawl, has become a practice by many spontaneously driven people who can’t just have a single place throughout the night and are willing to jump from one bar to another until they find the coolest one to stay until the end. They view it as an effective and enjoyable method to socialize and get a good time with new and old acquaintances. But in reality, there are conditions that might compromise your goals to finding the ultimate bar to party. One of these is the level of intoxication you got from the previous bar. In a group of people, some would choose to stay in the same place as they have already gotten enough buzz or if they go together to a new one, there are likely to be turned away at the door. Furthermore, distances between bars, services, and amenities are also great concerns for bar hoppers and deciding factors on whether to continue or not.

Along Chaparral street, Infinite Bar Corpus Christi Texas is the leading authority on bar hopping. Being the biggest, it is the choice of many customers to start their long nightlife as it offers a multitude of drinks selection, from unique specials to refreshing cocktails, and enticing entertainment backed up with on-point music. Of which Infinite Bar offers all at no cover charge upfront.

Start the night with Infinite Bar Corpus Christi

From 3pm to 2am every day, Infinite Bar transforms into being the hottest party spot in town. With merely wearing casual attire, you can definitely enjoy their new flavored beers on tap, which is a breath of fresh air as it seems harder now to find one, that is rare and comes with a surprise. Most of the drinks are also catered to the crowd, the main reason Infinite Bar Corpus Christi has fairly affordable and budget-friendly deals. Their cheap line of drinks includes Smirnoff, Budweiser and Well while you can get Fireball, pickle shots and Cruzan rum at reasonable prices. The infamous $15 pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea is a top pick also and the bar offers $3 promos on any single liquor drink or shot until midnight almost every day. Throughout the week, the specials vary to complement the theme of the day. For example, on Mingle Mondays you can expect less alcoholic beverages, on Retro Thursdays enjoy a resurgence of favorite cocktails, and on Sunday Funday dive into your solo mission to get as drunk as possible by opting for hard liquors.

Jump to the next bar with ease

Infinite Bar Corpus Christi TX has a strong collaboration with other bars. With Rehab Karaoke Bar next door, you can browse through their massive catalog of songs and sing your heart out. The place boasts its top quality sound system, leather chairs, and affordable foods and drinks. For a group of friends, this is ideal if you want more exclusivity, which is quite lacking in Infinite Bar, and an opportunity to bring out the competitiveness in everyone. Furthermore, at the back of the Infinite Bar Corpus Christi, you will find the Infinite Back Bar & Lounge, a sensuous place geared towards people who enjoy nightlife with a little bit of privacy. It has classy and posh interiors with sophisticated light and sound background suited for an intimate evening. In this kind of setting, a deeper level of interaction among people is encouraged, the area where it supplements Infinite Bar Corpus Christi Texas.

Bar hopping is an adventurous way to enjoy nightlife yet finding where to start is a challenge as it can make or break your whole experience. To make this activity worthwhile, it is advised to seek a bar that has a reputation and highly complements other nightclubs and bars. In Infinite Bar Corpus Christi TX, with its best bar ambiance, bartenders, DJs, and food and drinks, it does not only give great impressions but also top-notch nightlife standards to follow for the rest of the night.

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