Farah’s: The Prominent Island Sports Bar in Corpus Christi


The location of an establishment greatly contributes to the success of the business —a strategically placed bar gains more advantages over those that just pile together with other inferior bars. At the beautiful South Padre Island, Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi receives wide popularity and a great influx of customers because of its excellent spot facing the Corpus Christi Bay and its open-air sitting arrangement, giving people choice if they want to take the night off inside the bar or outside. There’s no denying that this factor gives Farah’s Bar positive outcomes; however, at the end of the day the outstanding features and unique offerings of the bar still that make people come over and over again.

Party all night under the open sky

A waterfront patio brings a luxurious feeling to a place; equally, overlooking the lively city and the running body of water is also a wonderful sight to behold. Most of the time, people who come to Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi Texas prefer hanging out outside the bar just to see these exquisite views. And to complement that, Farah boasts its full-service bar of a wide variety of beer, wines, bloody marys, and the best margaritas in town. And if you are not sure what to drink, you can tell the bartender how you feel and he’ll whip up something to match your mood or something to lift your spirits. There are special days to look forward to if you want a drink once in a while. Every Wednesday is Hump Day in Farah’s Corpus Christi. With its happy hour extended up to 8 hours, you can get $1.75 domestic and $2 well drinks all day all night. On top of that, this bar also serves a monthly specials menu with a rotating roster of meals and all-time favorite American classic, burgers and fries. Don’t forget to order their infamous cucumber martini too! Just approach their friendly bartenders.

Get sporty inside Farah’s game room

If you like a traditional sports bar with fewer bells and whistles —the right amount of large TV screens for game viewing, simple decor and nice bar games— then you had better check out Farah’s Bar Corpus Christi TX. One can catch heart-pounding live broadcasts of big games in the country or sweat out in the game room playing shuffleboard, pool, golf games, darts, and the sought-after buck hunter arcade. In addition, the night won’t be complete without good vibrant music. Farah has amazing jukebox music to set the mood of the bar and it showcases local musical talents to provide added entertainment as well. Also, the dance floor is wide enough to accommodate everyone who is willing to show their dance moves. But if you’re a shy-type just watch the lovely girls do pole dancing while you have some flavorful bud light drinks in hands. Then if you need some air to breathe or to smoke, the deck out back is definitely a great spot to hang out.

If you’re always on the lookout for places where you can just kick back and relax then there’s no way to miss Farah’s Corpus Christi Texas. You can enjoy this cheap and cozy waterhole from 1pm to 2am, but it stays open until the games over…and even later it seems as long as they have customers, and indulge in their unique drinks that will surely tickle your palate. It doesn’t end there as Farah’s Bar —with its homey ambiance and location that offers you great sunset view to enjoy along with your drinks— has more in store for every visiting customer. Definitely, no list of sports bars could be complete without it!

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